October 10, 2017

Guest Prayers Week of October 8th, 2017

My brother is in jail. People will know Jesus Christ as the only true God, Lord and Savior. He shed His blood and rose again and is seated at the right hand of God the Father. Need a money blessing. To get a job. Get a mattress for my day bed. To get out of debt. Strength, encouragement, wisdom and the ability to make the right decisions in my life by listening to God and following through. Acceptance to the sacrifices I need to make to get better. Please pray for ALL of the guests at Keystone Mission. Thank you.
October 2, 2017

Guest Prayers Week of October 1st, 2017

  For my job. Also to get all my social security for my disabilities. To get my social security lawyer. For me to get my place soon. Thank you. God bless My family to guide them. To fix my fathers car. And for my lottery ticket.  
September 26, 2017

Guest Prayers Week of September 24, 2017

Getting off the streets. If not, a tent for me and my man. My health and my dad in Florida. My mom and her health. My Aunt Lois and her children and grandchildren. She passed away on Thursday. My health and myself. To keep our strength and love strong during this time of struggle to do better. Please pray for us so we can grow old together. Bring our family together in order to build our lives.  
September 18, 2017

Guests Prayers Week of September 17th, 2017

  Watch over me and my kids and all those I love Lord. I pray that I will be able to go back home to Puerto Rico. Blessings to all. God is good. Bless us all Lord. I am starting a new job. Please pray for me at work. My husband. He had a stroke on his right side. Peace for my soul to forgive my enemies and put the peace of Jesus back into my heart. I’m homeless. Please pray.     
September 12, 2017

Guests Prayer Requests Week of September 10th, 2017

Patience. I am home schooled. My son and I are about to start college. I am praying for confidence and patience to be efficient. My Pops passed away Sunday morning. He’s been an awesome neighbor to me. He will be missed. Please pray for my losses and ask the Lord to help me with my temper. May I find a home I could live in and see my grandchildren as often as I could. Pray for Steven and Faith. For Jesus to keep us safe. God bless ya’ll