February 22, 2018

Guest Prayer Requests 02/22/18

GUEST PRAYER REQUESTS 02/22/18 for my lady first and me.  All the homeless people of the world that have no where to go or anything to eat and to watch out for me and my lady always so we could have the best life possible.  John for the safety of my kids and family, that everything will work out perfect for tomorrow. That God will give me the energy to walk to where I need to go tomorrow.  I also, pray for all the homeless for their safety and to find a warm place for them.   Diana for my health.  Also, I am in a relationship and want prayer for both of us to be loving, caring of each other and respectful.  Pray for my kids, Jacquia, Michael, Brittney, Kayla, Nathanial.  Tiffonie for Michael, Tiffania, Michael Jr., Kelly, Erin, Jacquia, Michael, Brittnay, Kayla, Nathanial, my dad, Franklin, Brothers and sisters. Mike for Robert to get out of jail, because his wife put him in.  Harry for healing for my twin grandchildren age 2, they are sick.  A. J.’s kids who are in the hospital with the flu.  Pray that my son’s hearing will go well, and calmness form now till […]
February 15, 2018

Guest Prayer Requests 02/15/18

Guest Prayer Requests 02/15/18 for me so that my life is better and I have a phone, job and God is by my side. Jose for our future.  We have nothing. We moved in house with nothing. for me.  Haven’t felt myself lately.  Been ill with my diabetes and I can’t afford my meds and insulin.  Charles for me to find a job and to get my wife to be home with me.  To get mattress for my bed and to get my three main bills paid off.  For me and my wife to be able to buy a house and to learn how to drive, Ron for my three sons.  Their lives are so messed up and don’t know how to fix them. They have abandoned me years ago and despise me.  It hurts but I love them.  If I didn’t know Jesus, I would not be here today. Jo for cousin Rita.  Health.  I struggle with extreme depression and PTSD. Finances.   Pamela that I grow in Christ and bonding with new church.  Keep an eye out for my son who is going into hospital for long term EEG testing Tuesday. for Doris T’S children. Doris went to see […]
February 8, 2018

Guest Prayer Requests 02/08/18

  Guest Prayer Requests 2-8-18   for Mrs Lynn and her family being intruded by demons for my good friend Arthur has just discovered he has prostate cancer.  Please let God be with him and his wife and family to make it through this tough time. for my friend’s baby. for Bryan’s condition.  He is very sick.  Pray so he can come back to work again.  God bless his family. that whoever is stealing from the homeless stops.  The person that is doing this is hampering Lisa and me.  And pray that all bad attitudes stop. I want to thank God for opening the doors to take care of me and protect me.  Pray for me. for Dora I give thanks for everything I have in this life and my new baby. for health, wealth and happy living as long as I live.  Let me get over my troubles and worries in life.  that Diana comes home soon because she is very missed.  I really need her in my life to keep me straight.  I love it I just want her back.
February 1, 2018

Guest Prayer Requests 02/01/18

GUEST PRAYER REQUESTS 02.01.18 for Bonnie Lyne, Navigational Officer Jim D., Jude and all the other beautiful men and women I’ve met along the way. Pray they come to know peace, love, serenity, tranquility, patience, kindness, compassion, and companionship which takes away any and all feelings of loneliness.  Bless us with Your presence. for my brother John and his dog. They are homeless.  I pray the Lord would bring them in from the cold. for my aunt who was crushed in a car crash in Ohio. I am trying to walk to go to see her. to guide Philip C. to work harder and be a sober man. I pray that I feel his love in everything he does for me… pray he gets more trusting, secure and focused. to stay warm and get housing for me and my girlfriend Mariangely. I love her very much. for everybody, and for me. to forgive me for my sins and prayers for my granddaughter and grandson to be safe; for my daughter to make right decision, and for my son to have a prayer life and do the right things in life. for those who continue to live in sin for Diane […]
January 26, 2018

Guest Prayer Requests 01/25/18

Guest Prayer Requests 01.25.18 for God helping me get better circumstances and either SSI of help me get a job. Maybe God can for God to send an angel to help me because I’m hurting. Also, pray for my kids to be healthy, happy and safe. Also, I ask God for forgiveness for my sins. for Jojo and her family need many prayers. God bless. to thank you for praying for me. I would like to know that God will help me in my life. for Mariangel.