November 8, 2017

Guest Prayer Requests Week Of 11/06/17

Guest Prayer Requests Week Of 11/06/17 for my children, family and friends for my family.  We lost 3 people in the last 28 days – my aunt lost her son at the age of 40, and her daughter 2 years ago – not taking it well.  My uncle not taking it good.  He’s had 20 years sober and is drinking again. for my continued sobriety, employment, and housing for Myself! to remain focused and true, not only to myself, but to others and my wife, who will hopefully be home for Christmas. for people to tell the truth – not lies to people for my cousins – Kathy F., and  Dawnn S. – dying of cancer.  I fear losing them. for me.  I need healing and forgiveness. for Steven M. and Faith B for my cousin, who lost her 22 year old son unexpectedly, and also our community as we suffer from this terrible opioid epidemic.
November 2, 2017

Guest Prayer Requests 11/02/17

GUEST PRAYER REQUESTS 11/02/17   for me and my kids – I need new lift because You are my life, God. for my friend, Charlie, with help to get through the challenges of living on the streets.  Help him to get over this bump in the road, and help him to rise above & get back on his feet. for a place I could call my home – not only for myself, but for my 19 year old son.  He needs God’s love in his heart and mind, along with me in his life.  God bless us all. for the Lord to forgive me of my sins and to help me live for Him.  I need a job. for Treversa – to help her get out of the streets and the trouble that follows from the streets.  Help her to get her mind right and to see the streets are not the way of life. for Katie – a 37 year old hospice patient, and the family of Bob H. (deceased). for the family having hard times in the world.  also, safe from the internet. for my sister Colleen – 6 years of treatment for ovarian cancer.  She just had […]
October 19, 2017

Guest Prayers Week of October 15th, 2017

For peace of mind. To overcome addiction and bad desires. For my 17 yr old daughter who was hit by a drunk driver about a month ago. I am grieving for a friend who passed away from a drug overdose. Temporary homeless shelter for the rest of this coming week. For my health.
October 10, 2017

Guest Prayers Week of October 8th, 2017

My brother is in jail. People will know Jesus Christ as the only true God, Lord and Savior. He shed His blood and rose again and is seated at the right hand of God the Father. Need a money blessing. To get a job. Get a mattress for my day bed. To get out of debt. Strength, encouragement, wisdom and the ability to make the right decisions in my life by listening to God and following through. Acceptance to the sacrifices I need to make to get better. Please pray for ALL of the guests at Keystone Mission. Thank you.
October 2, 2017

Guest Prayers Week of October 1st, 2017

  For my job. Also to get all my social security for my disabilities. To get my social security lawyer. For me to get my place soon. Thank you. God bless My family to guide them. To fix my fathers car. And for my lottery ticket.